Staircase Terminology

Learn to talk like a pro! The information below will help to explain the basic terminology and words commonly used within the staircase industry. Whilst this list is not exhaustive, it should help to explain any wooden staircase design jargon in simple terms.


Newel Cap

A decorative feature on top of the newel post

Newel Post

The main structural post at each end of a flight which supports the stairs and the handrail


The rail which connects the top of the spindles and provides support to the guarding and something to hold on to


The uprights that form the guarding to the side of the stairs. Spindles are often decoratively turned, whilst balusters are commonly plain and square


The track that sits on top of the string and holds the bottom of the spindles


The upright section that connects and supports the treads


The flat section of the stair that you step on. This normally has a NOSING projecting in front of the riser


The wide board on the side of the stairs that the treads and risers are connected into


A decorative wide board that hangs vertically to cover up the floor joists or landing trimmer


Sits on top of the apron and underneath the baserail to give a nice edge to the landing flooring